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Start with a bang, end with a fizzle: LulzSec disbands

News // Jun 28 2011

By M. Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

After 50 days of shenanigans, “lulz,” and fearmongering by the mainstream media, the now-infamous LulzSecurity, or LulzSec, has announced an end to their campaign. I found this quite surprising, especially given they just recently announced a new joint operation with Anonymous entitled “Anti-Sec.” Why was their crusade so short lived? Why end without carrying out any of the grandiose promises and threats published across the internet? Why prove themselves to be yet another blow-hard hacker group that does way more talking and hyping than hacking?

To keep from going out without so much as a fizzle, the group did a final dump of stolen information garnered through their various escapades including data from Office Networks of Corporations, AOL Internal Data, Battlefield Heroes data (50k users), FBI being Silly, Private Investigator Emails, Random Gaming forums (50k users), (12k users), AT&T internal data, and (200k users). However, the dump was hastily removed from the Pirate Bay, so maybe going out with a fizzle is a bit of an overstatement.

Is this group of “super-brain hackers” doing what any remotely intelligent and effective hacking group does by going underground and obfuscating themselves? The fact that LulzSec was clearly thriving off of the media attention and, in fact, actively seeking it out through IamA posts on Reddit and their public Twitter account was always a bit fishy. The world’s best hacking groups are largely unknown outside of the cybersecurity community and that is the way they like it. Could LulzSec be attempting to get out of the spotlight in order to carry out more serious attacks? Or are they actually disbanding without managing to leak any real secrets or information other than the personal information of innocent internet users and police officers?

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One Response to "Start with a bang, end with a fizzle: LulzSec disbands"

  1. InZane4all June 29, 2011 8:32 am Reply

    I see it like this… LuLzSec group bands to hack into specific company mainframes to obtain data regarding corruption (ATT, Arizona Dept of Public Safety… etc. Last week this group said it had valuable info regarding SB 1070. Friday group decides to disband….. Monday the “A-Team” (reported by major news media btw) claims to have the names of the LuLzSec members. Hmmmmmmm…… See a connection? Let’s break it down…

    LuLzSec claims to have sensory material. It could be possible that either companies or the gov itself made a deal with the group not to reveal the material in question. This leads me to believe that LuLzSec sold out (were given something in return) or they were threatened by the gov (Gee, the hacker group “A-Team”. American Team or Team America?). If they were threatened this explains why the group disbanded and why the “A Team” claims to have the names of the LuLzSec group. Makes sense right?

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