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Hurricane Hype & the Global Coastal Event: Conversation with Clif High

Commentary, News, Recent Guests // Oct 29 2012

By Bob Tuskin
October 29, 2012

Bob Tuskin spoke with Clif High of today about whether the impact of Hurricane Sandy could be the beginning of a “global coastal event” that has received much recent attention, based on the work of Courtney Brown and High’s own followup research.

High said this weather event does show up in his webbot forecasts. It is an archetype for what we are going to be facing over the next few years. The language in the description of the hurricane and the forecast impact is the same language that will dominate when the global coastal event happens.

Tuskin asked if he thought HAARP weather modification was a factor. High said it is certainly a big coincidence that HAARP and its cousins are pumping out all kinds of energy just as the hurricane, atypically, takes a big left turn. The media hyperbole and emotionally intense language are scripted like talking points and seem to harmonize with HAARP influence—an election and a giant storm at the same time.

This hurricane has many of the same effects that a global coastal event of high order magnitude would have. But at this stage, everyone expects the storm to end and life to return to “normal” in a few days. For that reason, it doesn’t appear to be the global coastal event, as that is expected to ripple around the entire planet and will be life-changing, i.e. we will live within it from that point forward. “You’ll know it when it happens,” he said.

“If you live through this hurricane you will be living through many of the same things the global coastal event will bring to all of us,” High said. “This is a test.” Surviving this one will help you get it right for the next one down the road.
Tuskin wondered if it might be an EMP or a tsunami that would ultimately take down the grid. High replied that it wouldn’t be a tsunami, but energies from space. And it is so likely to happen that probability calculations are maintained by every space agency on the planet.

“They’re all looking for solar expulsions. When the grid goes, it will of course, never ever come back,” High said, “simply because the transformers are individually made. They’re giant. The waiting list is a year, and we have thousands of them here.

“What happens when the grid goes down and we all of a sudden have 240 Chernobyl or Fukushima incidents here in North America plus who knows how many around the planet? When that sort of thing happens, trying to survive somewhere in the remnants of a subdivision is all well and good until that first radioactive cloud comes wafting over from the nuke plant that’s only seven miles away from you,” High said.

Full interview below.

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  1. freespirit October 30, 2012 11:52 am Reply

    Thank you so much – I wish it could have been a longer interview.

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