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FDA and FBI Raid Cancer Cure Center and Steal Medicine from Dying Patients

News // May 4 2013
By Sam Bass

My wife, Yvonne, has been given two death sentences. No, she is not a criminal nor a terrorist. Let me tell you her story.

Six years ago she was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. After three surgeries the doctors felt that they had removed all the cancer. Almost one year later the cancer returned with fast growing tumors on her back. Again, the Doctor wanted to do surgery and treat her using interferon. His prognosis was that she had six months before she would die (DEATH SENTENCE # 1) and that the interferon “might” give her a 10% chance of survival. But, if she did the interferon, she would feel like she had the flu for a year and it would further weaken her immune system. Yvonne asked the Doctor directly if he were in her shoes would he take the course of action he was recommending. After much silence he said, “No.”

With much prayer and research, we choose an alternative route. She changed her diet radically. My children and I started massaging her back almost daily with essential oils. Through guidance from a Natural Phatic Doctor we begin supplementing her diet.

In a matter of months the tumors on her back begin to decrease in size and then suddenly disappeared. Her oncologist did not believe that the cancer was gone and had a scan done which verified she was cancer free. DEATH SENTENCE # 1 OVERTURNED.

Five years later the cancer returned with a violent aggression unlike before. She lost over 80 pounds in less than six months, could not keep any food down, and had to sleep setting up in a chair. Knowing that we had defeated cancer once before, we were confident we could defeat it again. Thus, after much prayer and research, and due to the fast growth of these new tumors, we decided to seek an alternative clinic that would help oversee her treatment.

We chose Camelot Cancer Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Camelot has been treating cancer patients for over ten years with a verified 60% decrease in the SUV’s in tumors on their patients PET scans after receiving their treatment. An oncologist who had personal knowledge of Camelot’s effectiveness felt that it would be the better course, even over normal medical treatments.

Their treatment consist of 20 rounds of B-17 (known as laetrile), vitamin C, and DMSO administered intravenously. The first eight treatments must be done in the clinic and are overseen by a medical staff. The remaining eight can be self-administered at home with weekly blood test to insure no adverse effects from the treatments.

On the eight day (April 23, 2013) Yvonne was showing great signs that the treatments were working. She could sleep laying down, she was keeping most of her food down, she had an increase in her appetite, and energy. We were about to leave the clinic with the remaining twelve treatments in my hands when the FBI and FDA raided the clinic in a gestapo like manner claiming that the use of B-17 was illegal and that Camelot was committing fraud. They made the staff remove all the patients off their IVs and told us all to leave.

I set the box of prefilled IV bags down to put my coat own. As I reached for the box an FBI agent slammed his hand down on the box and told me, “You cannot take that with you.” I informed him that I had paid $13,000 for it, thus it was mine and that it was necessary for my wife’s continuing successful battle with her cancer. He told me he would arrest me if I picked it up again. I told him to read me my rights which he declined.

They keep us there for another two hours under constant arm guard. I was not allowed to go to the restroom without removing my coat and empting all my pockets. An agent led us to believe that we might be able to take our property home with us just to tell us two hours later that the Attorney General’s lawyer said we could not have it.

By the FBI/FDA and Attorney General’s action they handed my wife DEATH SENTENCE #2. Because the FBI/FDA sealed the bank accounts of Camelot and it’s owner, we cannot recover the $13,000 which we borrowed. This has limited us to seeking other alternative treatments elsewhere.

WE are now put in a position that we must self-treat Yvonne. DO NOT FRET! We are confident in our God that He is leading us and with the support of friends, our church, and many strangers we will defeat this death sentence. I believe that we will show that our rogue government cannot remove our right to choose how we fight this cancer and that alternative treatments can and are successful.


In you would like to know more about this or help financially go to:

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35 Responses to "FDA and FBI Raid Cancer Cure Center and Steal Medicine from Dying Patients"

  1. brian May 4, 2013 11:54 pm Reply

    Rick Simpsons hemp oil.

    1. samuel79 May 6, 2013 4:01 pm Reply

      but vit c and b17 injection can do wonders too
      but yeah cannabis or help oil with cactus honey, can be sooo effective ;)
      spread the world and help people ,
      im from morocco, we hae the best cannabis plants in kettama here !
      but even here there is media blackout about original medecine :)

    2. john g May 6, 2013 4:41 pm Reply

      Watch YouTube Video “Run from the Cure” for Rick Simpson’s approach. The country of Spain has added hemp oil to the top 5 cancer cures.

      Our country is ‘out of control” putting big-pharma and profits over a patients right to take whatever they want to survive. It’s not right!

    3. Ben May 7, 2013 9:38 am Reply

      if they won’t let you use vitamin B.. you think they’ll let em use hemp oil? lol

    4. Morgan May 10, 2013 6:28 pm Reply

      Curcumin with Resveratrol, veg diet, no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or processed food. Google’holistic cancer treatment’. Chemo is the WORST thing you can do. Cannabis is awesome for cancer.

  2. des May 5, 2013 1:12 am Reply

    lool up dr budwig from germeny if you want your wife to live. how do you not know this.

  3. Staci May 5, 2013 1:31 am Reply

    how is the treatment coming along? have you tried alkalizing? if the body is acidic, cancer will grow. so try adding foods and supplements to her that will alkalize her in addition to everything else you’re doing. also, just a theory, but if the body gets better when its alkaline, maybe it would beneficial to bathe in alkaline water. google some directions to make it yourself with just a few barrels, pvc pipe, and a bit of other equip.

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  5. alma ogle May 5, 2013 10:40 am Reply

    WOW….How could the gov. do this. Did any one ever discover why? Had a sister -in -law who went to tulsa for treatments. Can’t remember the name of the place. She had to live there for six weeks. The family took turns going there to stay with her. She brought meds home with her. Didn’t help her at all. Cost was tremendeous. We still lost her.

  6. Combat Cancer Now May 5, 2013 3:00 pm Reply

    I really hope you defeat death sentence #2 and stay positive no matter what happens because stress can only cause more problems. Here’s a video of all natural things you can do to fight cancer.

    Also, do some more research. I’m sure you’ll find a cure and God will be there to lead you.

    Tell your wife to always stay positive and keep on laughing.

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  9. FBI and FDA Raid Cancer Cure Center, Steal Medicine From Dying Patients May 5, 2013 8:54 pm Reply


  10. Am May 6, 2013 3:51 pm Reply

    What makes me laugh is people still think this is something NEW! 20 years ago my mother worked for a holistic doctor and they did the same thing to him. How many people have they murdered for this same reason 1000, 2000, 5000? From 1905 to present day there are over 100 proven remedies to this fungus in the body. Do your homework people the answers are out there for you. You just have to LOOK!!!!!

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  12. Jake May 6, 2013 5:42 pm Reply

    Look up soursop fruit or the graviola tree. Those are the same thing. These aren’t illegal…at least I don’t think. They are just a little difficult to find.

  13. magicman May 6, 2013 7:54 pm Reply

    Here is information on B-17 for you.
    You may be able to make your own…

  14. usemorethanOne May 7, 2013 1:42 am Reply

    Budwig protocol=flaxseed oil blended with cottage cheese until Mayo consistency
    Sabila Protocol=Aloe Arborescens blended with pure honey and a few T. rum, whiskey or grappa to preserve batch.
    Oleander Soup=order online or make yourself exactly as instructed
    Gerson’s diet=juice/eat raw vegetables and little else
    Vitamin C=increase dosages
    DMSO=research and take accompanying recommended supplements
    H202 therapy=order or buy the hydrogen peroxide now while you can; take only as instructed
    detoxify=kidneys, parasites, liver and colon…don’t forget probiotics
    lymphatic system dry-brushing=learn how; you tube
    clean up the diet=no sugar, caffeine, processed foods, etc. Eat sprouts you grow. Mung and broccoli best.
    put lemons and or limes in your water…every glass, lots of it.
    Learn to relax/meditate and tell her to do only what she wants to do. no stress. no anger. peace, all the time.
    green drinks=you tube; stupid easy. Add a piece of sweet fruit to offset bitterness.
    GO. DO.

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  16. Parker Gabriel May 8, 2013 12:52 am Reply

    And the government evilly spits back at Bob Tuskin and Sam Bass, “BOTH of those two death sentences against that woman were RIGHTFULLY IMPOSED in the FIRST place. She was SUPPOSED to be MADE dead and KEPT dead. AND the death senteces against her WILL BOTH be carried out and RE-carried out AGAIN and RE-RE-carried out AGAIN AND AGAIN as many times as we of the government NEED to carry them out and thereby guarantee that those who have been sentenced to be dead ARE MADE PERMANENTLY dead AND KEPT PERMANENTLY dead!!!”

  17. Patrick May 8, 2013 11:48 pm Reply

    Dr. Simoncelli who came up with the candida cancer theory, used iodine topically to cure melanoma with this method. He also used bicarbonate of soda to cure cancer successfully. Not to be misconstrued to be medical advise, just something I read. Your mileage may vary. 8^)

  18. LotsofGoodOptions May 11, 2013 3:24 pm Reply

    Source of B17 = apricot kernel seeds . You can buy organic ground apricot kernel from lots of online sources – they mark it as “not for internal consumption” (because they have to), but are allowed to sell it as something good for your skin. Very very affordable. Like lots of things, intraveneous works best, but so does rubbing it on your skin (its absorbed into your blood) .. so get quality (berry based, not corn-based) vitamin C, apricot kernal seeds/ground, dissolved in DMSO (easy to buy through Amazon) and voila. Then apply it to skin multiple times/day (make sure to dilute DMSO to level where it doesn’t burn/itch).
    ALSO recommend ozonated olive oil, check out Ed McCable’s Oxygen Therapy book. Hulda Clark’s cure for all cancers. Look up Gerson’s protocol, good diet suggestions and organic coffee enemas. And heard good things about the Rick simplson oil, too. You may need a little more time (especially if not using simpson’s oil) than you would with IV, but there is nothing too bad about curing things a little slower; a cure is a cure. These are all really affordable options, and DIY

  19. ANGEL May 12, 2013 12:43 am Reply

    DR Burzynski in Houston Texas, medical center He treats and cures cancer with anti neoplastons check out his success rates and survivall stories on youtube as well as his website i Best of luck and God Bless

  20. Lillian October 8, 2013 2:44 pm Reply

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  26. kiyana March 22, 2014 9:27 am Reply


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