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Rush Limbaugh Concerned About Chemtrails?

News // Jan 8 2014

By Bob Tuskin


Rush Limbaugh recently received a call live on air from a listener concerned about chemtrails.  Surprisingly, he let the concerned woman speak her mind about the process that she went through to ask state and federal representatives about chemtrails and allowed her to explain what chemtrails were.

At first he seemed interested but after a few minutes he went in for the kill and began to mock the woman.

The woman spoke for about 8 minutes, but for the majority of the time Limbaugh was sarcastically responding to her comments.

Chemtrails are toxic jet streams containing aluminum and barium stearate. These jet streams are not to be confused with contrails, which are the small water vapor streams that evaporate just after leaving the plane. Chemtrails are still a controversial topic because the government has completely denied that they exist until recently.

The establishment has insisted that what people are seeing is regular Jetstream contrails, but the jetstreams in question hang in the hair for hours until they turn into long clouds and eventually fall onto the ground. Once the clouds fall onto the ground they have been tested many times by people who are paying attention.

Every time these clouds are tested traces of aluminum and barium stearate are always found. These chemicals are extremely dangerous when they come in contact with the skin and have adverse health conditions when present in the air supply.


One Response to "Rush Limbaugh Concerned About Chemtrails?"

  1. Joe from Indiana January 10, 2014 8:04 pm Reply

    Thanks Bob for taking my call the other night and following through with what I had heard on the Rush show. Upon hearing the segment again when you played it it was obvious to me Rush was “mocking” her. I was was very disappointed he did that as the woman was very articulate, level headed and had done her research,

    I have NO doubt Rush knows about this subject he is no dummy.

    I wish there was some way I could find this woman as I would let her have information regarding the subject. If you listen to her she was aware that the planes need permission from the localities they fly over.

    Michael Murphy has a lot of documented information on the subject:

    What in the world are they spraying

    Why in the world are they spraying.

    I think U-Tube has his videos available.

    Personally I can tell you I know of Air Force pilots that had missions to fly and spray but when they found out what they were doing refused to do it any longer and had their statuses of aircraft they fly changed.

    I think the Air Force no longer carries out these missions as they are now contracted to private firms.

    You have a great program. I enjoy listening in the evenings especially after the kids are off to bed.

    You sound like a great Dad and your son is in good hands hope you plan to expand the family. With 5 it’s a handful but I am glad my wife and I did it!!!

    By the way I forgot to ask about your bumper music who are the artists and what are the names of the songs

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