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Trigger-Happy Harvey Police Officers Shoot Innocent Man and Puppy

News // Jan 19 2014

Cop Block

Horrifying incidents of police brutality are happening every day, all over the world. At what point will you stand up and refuse to pay for the salaries of state-sanctioned thugs like the ones you are about to read about? Think about it.

As reported by Courthouse News Service on December 31, 2013:

Police in Harvey, Illinois, shot a man in the back of the leg without cause, threatened to “shoot the shit out of” a witness with a camera, then shot to death a witness’s puppy, the wounded man and dog owner claim in federal lawsuits.

Paul Manning sued the City of Harvey, police Officer James Sinnot, and police Officer O’Shea.

In the second lawsuit, Karnischa Miller, who owned the 14-week-old puppy, sued the City of Harvey, Sinnot, and Officer Davres.

Manning claims he was walking down the street on December 30, 2012, when the officers began following him in a squad car.

Defendant officer stopped his car and told Mr. Manning, ‘Come here!’, the complaint states. Mr. Manning had done nothing wrong, and, therefore, did not stop. Mr. Manning had no weapon or other objects in his hands.

After a short distance of moving away from the defendant officer, Mr. Manning slipped and fell. As Mr. Manning tried to get up, one of the defendant officers willfully shot Mr. Manning in the back of his leg. Mr. Manning fell again and tried to get up again. Defendant officer then fired more shots at Mr. Manning. Mr. Manning suffered excruciating pain from these gunshot wounds.

One of the defendant officers then stood on top of Mr. Manning with the full force of his leg on Mr. Manning’s back. One of the defendant officers handcuffed Mr. Manning while he was lying down after having been shot.

A witness tried to record the scene with his cell phone, but a Harvey officer grabbed the phone and threw it, saying, “You touch the phone, I will shoot the shit out of you,” Manning says in the complaint.

In the second lawsuit, Miller claims she heard gunshots, opened the back door and witnessed a young man, Paul Manning, lying on the ground after having been shot. He was screaming and asking for an ambulance. Harvey police officers were surrounding Paul Manning with their guns drawn. One officer was standing on Paul’s back, simply as an excessive display of force.

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7 Responses to "Trigger-Happy Harvey Police Officers Shoot Innocent Man and Puppy"

  1. D. Sieved January 19, 2014 2:18 pm Reply

    Cops conduct themselves in this manner because they are trained/encouraged to do so. Prosecutors refuse to prosecute and judges refuse to convict and punish.
    The key to unlock the cage we all find ourselves in at this time is the judiciary. This branch of government was created, in part, to protect the people from the ambitions and excesses of the other branches of government. Nearly all important issues are ultimately determined in a courtroom. Citizens no longer have direct access to grand juries and find that their complaints are first filtered through the political office of the district attorney who will routinely refuse to prosecute anyone who is politically connected. Litigants are routinely denied standing or due process in the courts to frustrate those who seek justice from the state.
    In Marbury v. Madison the supreme court ruled that an unconstitutional statute is void “ab initio” or from it’s inception. It reasonably follows that one of the first issues before any court should be the constitutionality of the law involved. Judges swear an oath to support and defend the constitution, within which is found your right to due process of law. Why is it that a denial of due process, the very definition of a void judgement, per Black’s 6th, never renders any judgement void or results in prosecution of the judge for perjury of his oath?
    Judges are the gatekeepers of society. We depend upon them for redress and remedy. They have failed. In order to obtain remedy we must take back our courts by holding judges accountable.
    “Jail For Judges” is a concept which creates an external review board to hear complaints of judges actions and negligence and to sanction judges up to and including imprisonment. When judges must choose between according due process to litigants and going to jail for failure to do so, that is when people will receive due process and not a minute before. When “Jail For Judges” becomes law in any single jurisdiction, i.e. any state of the union, a person need only move to that state long enough to establish residency in order to qualify to petition the court for vacation of a facially void judgement, which is the court record of a case which demonstrates a denial of due process.
    People must qualify ballot initiatives to institute “Jail For Judges” and re-institute direct access for the public to grand juries to facilitate indictments against govt. actors who commit crimes. In this way the system may be used to purify itself and to return our country to a constitutionally restrained republic.

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  3. Peter A January 19, 2014 8:08 pm Reply

    The American cops are not cops, they are criminals in uniform, besides they are psychopaths taken out of jail to kill citizens. Only a psychopathic government can do things like that. Israel is the leader of course. They have sifilis in the brains.

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