Guys and Sex

Guys and sex are two different things. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that affect how a guy feels about the idea of getting a woman to have sex with him.

Are you using your imagination or is it in real time? Do you visualize the actual sex and then let yourself believe it is happening? You probably will not like this very much. But, if you get real time views of what actually happens, you will not be able to convince yourself of how he feels and that’s why I don’t suggest using any of those.

How are you using your future tense? For example, do you fantasize about that one special person being there to make your dream come true? If so, you have created unrealistic thoughts and it will not help you with getting a girl to have sex with you.

Girls really do not respond well to the word “I love you.” They will ignore that word and they will run. But you have to be able to tell them that.

Girls are usually pretty shy, even in the wildest fantasies. But that does not mean that they will refuse to have sex with you. You will have to give her some indication that she is not going to like sex with you, because she is not going to accept that. Once you give her that indication, she will be all yours.

Guys need to focus on the sexual feelings they have in their bodies. Girls love guys who can put their hands on them and bring them to orgasm. But guys need to be able to give that feeling to them too. It is a requirement for a successful relationship.

Be confident. It is important to let yourself know that you can have any girl you want and get her to go down on you.

There are many, many, reasons why girls find it easy to take hold of guys later in life. Some of them are:

The man is often unaware of his desires for a woman as he gets older. It is probably from an early age that guys realize they are an important person in the lives of their parents and often when they are with their friends too. Later on, when he starts to realize that his parents are not around as much anymore, he develops and slowly becomes conscious of these feelings. That’s the period in which guys and sex become normal.

Since boys become men before they are ready, they start thinking about the opposite sex. This triggers a whole new dimension in their thinking and they start to think of sex more. And it takes some time to develop from that stage to the stage where they get interested in girls too.

Are you saying that it’s not possible for him to feel the same way as the famous people? He might not be aware of how he feels about girls and they are not going to act like him. You need to think on this.

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